Due to the flu (no, not the swine H1Nwhatever is going around) I was forced to sleep for 30 hours straight. I know, life is hard but being bedridden is no fun. Finally I bounced back I got my booty to the gym and eased myself back into a routine of the elliptical, tried to get my strength back with the free weights and over all was trying to feel like myself again.

Finally I had a great moinka run (about 4.5 miles). It made me wonder how far can I go? I trained and completed The Grand Rapids River Bank 25k last Spring and since then my mileage has sluffed off a little bit and I have been struggling to feel good after the 6 mile distance. Last weekend I spent a great few days up North counting long walks on the beach, canoeing on an inland lake and strolls through wine country as my workouts; needless to say I needed to get back on track and see where my fitness level really is.

Tuesday rolled around and after class I gave ex-Gazelle employee and friend, John Donnelly, a call to see what his run plans were for the day. “I could go for 40 minutes, or an hour, or and hour and twenty minutes…” my feelings were pretty much the same.

At 5 o’clock we met up and decided the route: to the beach and back. We had an idea of how far it was, but we weren’t quite sure exactly. I just had to be back by 6:30 to make it to class on time. The weather was great, the run was steady and the conversation was fun. Running is my favorite way to catch up with old friends.

Back at his car, 6:28pm. I was tired, and hungry and really curious to see how many miles I had just put on my fairly new, still white shoes. I booked it to class (smelly and sweaty) came home and hit up www.mapmyrun.com to virtually retrace the steps John and I had taken just hours before.

8.5 miles out and back! (I was stoked!) It’s amazing what your body can do when you push it to go just a little further. And with the support of a run buddy you can go further that you would alone any day.

So get out there. Set a goal, grab a friend and see how far you can go.

Saugatuck Area Runners

Saugatuck Area Runners

What are you training for this winter? Just because the sun doesn’t rise as early and it sets before we’re ready doesn’t mean you have to do the same. Get some key pieces that are reflective (I’m not trying to sell you stuff here, you NEED to be careful on those early morning, later evening runs.) and get out and see what you’re capable of!

Then report back here!