…to be take time to reflect, stay passionate, be health conscious, and to most importantly – never give up!
- Kate

…that anything is possible!! To know that on any given day, I can run for as long as I chose—not saying that there won’t be consequences the NEXT day, but that today I can do it—well, that has to be the most liberating thing ever!!
- Vicki

…the value of having a running partner.

… to challenge myself and do things I never thought I could do!

…how to dream big and to do what I never thought was possible.

…that it is important to make time for myself and get away from distractions! Running is my escape from my everyday chaos.

… where my weaknesses may be, but has also given me strength to push past those weaknesses.

… to have patience with myself and to believe that if I keep moving, even just one step at a time, I can reach any finish line.

-  Running has taught me my mood can be changed with just a few strides, a new path or breath of fresh air.

 What has running taught you?