This is real.

Spreading the JOY of Movement happens every day. I see it in our stores, at meetings, on social networks – almost anywhere people are communicating – they are spreading the
joy of movement. Why? Because:

  • We touch a core part of ourselves that amplifies the gift of life.
  • We reach beyond our self-doubt and overcome what we thought impossible.
  • We find out that our accomplishments and achievements aren’t nearly as valuable as the enduring relationships connected through movement.
  • We join together in movement, transforming our beliefs as well as our bodies.
  • Our mind quiets from the daily turmoil and opens to creativity that inspires us towards new solutions to old problems.

~ Movement connects us to a thread in life that illuminates the best in us.

So we share – as we share all good things. We share our stories of achievements, doubts,
travels, injuries and joy. We share our support, kindness, humor, absurdity and love for those
who share our path. And we invite others to join us.

We are all heroes and champions – not because we have won a race, as some may
have, but because of the vitality we create for ourselves and, more importantly, what we
do to support others. We can inspire and connect the people who are hesitant, who doubt
themselves or are intimidated to move. We can make a real difference. And that is a true gift.

Give a real gift this season. Spread the JOY of Movement.